What we do: thermo-forming

Project management, transforming plastics with thermo-forming solutions

A world of thermo-forming skills and solutions

The Maillard Industrie Group created www.thermofonction.com to offer industrial companies across a vast range of sectors the benefits of our 22 years’ experience managing plastic thermo-forming projects.

For industrial clients who are just starting to consider this technology, the Maillard Industrie Group is here to guide them through the entire process, from design to release onto the market.

For each individual thermo-forming client, the Group takes care to adopt a unique approach, working with the client in a way that suits their real needs, their expectations and their own organisation.

To ensure complete control of our processes and to give us the speed we need to react, the Group has worked hard to integrate all of the auxiliary skills related to thermo-forming technology.

And because we have incorporated a range of other transformation technologies, the Group can take on projects involving technical thermo-formed components to be integrated into mechanically welded or rotationally moulded sub-assemblies.

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About GMI

The Maillard Industrie Group is located in Franche-Comté (France) at Autechaux Baume-les-Dames. It employed 510 persons and achieve a turnover of 60 M€ including 35 % at export.

The Maillard Industrie Group have five affiliates including one in Czech Republic  dedicate on projects involving technical thermo-formed components.